Legal fees

For General Legal Consultation

● Basic Fee (including tax) for Individuals

For individuals
5,500 Yen per 30 minutes (thereafter, 2,750 Yen per every 15 minutes at the first meeting, up to 90 minutes.)
11,000 Yen per 30 minutes for the second meeting and thereafter.
For corporate clients
11,000 Yen for first 60 minutes.
Thereafter, please contact us for further information.
● Inquiry and Appointment
For General Legal Consultation, an advanced appointment is required.

Please contact us by telephone, e-mail or fax as set forth below. Telephone appointment booking is available between 9:30 am and 6:00 pm. Appointment booking by e-mail or fax is available 24 hours a day. Please provide a selection of available dates for the legal consultation as well as a summary of your request. Your appointment date will be fixed when you receive confirmation of the designated date from us. Please note that we may need to ask you to provide other available dates for the legal consultation in the event that we are not be able to accept any of your available dates.

Telephone: 03-3370-2521
Fax: 03-3370-2522

Consultation Hours

Legal consultation will be provided from 9:30 am to 6:00 pm on weekdays. In certain cases, legal consultation may be provided at night, in the early morning, or on Saturdays, Sundays or national holidays.

Standard Engagement Fees

If our firm is engaged for a negotiation or lawsuit, an “Initial Fee” (Chakushu Kin) will be charged at the time of engagement and a “Success Fee”(Seikou Hoshu Kin) will be charged on any recovery upon completion of the engaged matter. Please note that the Initial Fee will not be refundable even if there is no economic recovery. The Success Fee will be only payable on completion of the matter, and will be charged in addition to the Initial Fee. The Initial Fee and Success Fee will be calculated based on the economic amount, the complexity of the matter and the estimated work hours to be spent, except for divorce and criminal cases which are calculated as set forth below. The details of the legal fees will be communicated to the client at the time of engagement.


Informal Negotiation Initial Fee 330,000 Yen
Success Fee 330,000 Yen
Mediation Initial Fee 440,000 Yen
(if the client retained us for negotiation)
110,000 Yen
Success Fee 440,000 Yen
Litigation Initial Fee 660,000 Yen
(if the client retained us for mediation)
220,000 Yen
Success Fee 660,000 Yen

With respect to divorce cases involving (i) a distribution of property, (ii) damages for mental suffering, (iii) custody, (iv) children’s educational expensesand/or (v) any other monetary demands, legal fees assessed on the economic benefits obtained for the client, or economic obligations from which the client is released, will be discussed and agreed with the client at the time of the engagement. Please contact us for further information.

Criminal Cases

Before Public Prosecution Initial Fee 540,000 Yen
Success Fee Release from Custody 550,000 Yen
After Public Prosecution Initial Fee 550,000 Yen
Application for bail 220,000 Yen
Success Fee Judgment with reduced sentence 550,000 Yen
Judgment with probation 550,000 Yen
“Not guilty” verdict 1,650,000 Yen

The above amounts may be decreased or increased in certain cases depending upon the complexity of the matter and the estimated work hours to be spent.

Hourly Charges

For companies and self-employed persons, we may be able to offer an hourly charge system in place of the initial fee and success fee structure described above. Please contact us for the hourly rates for each lawyer.

Other Expenses

– Legal fees for foreign counsel

If we need to retain a foreign lawyer, the legal fees for the foreign lawyer will be charged to the client separately.

– English translation

For English-speaking clients, we will explain the legal issues and associated process and provide an English summary of any Japanese written documents which we submit and/or receive on behalf of the client, so that the client is fully informed and able to understand the matter before making a decision. However, if the client wishes us to provide an English translation of any documents, such translation services may be charged separately. Please contact us for further information.

– Other expenses

All expenses necessarily incurred by us in connection with providing legal services, including but not limited to, travel, accommodation, postage costs and stamp duty will be charged separately. In addition, in the event that travel 4in excess of four hours is required, a daily allowance fee will be charged separately. Please contact us for further details.

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